The Waylon Chronicles

Why does a 26 year old busy, single, working woman need a black and tan coonhound puppy?... I have no idea!  However, I just HAD to have one!

My love for the breed started about 6 years ago when the vet clinic I used to work for worked with a foster for the coonhound rescue. They were the highlight of my day when he would come in with those amazing dogs. One imperticular was my favourite, his name was Slim. He was laid back, slow as molassas and didnt really care about anything. There was no getting him to walk any faster then he wanted to, he would look at you and seem to say "Whatch'er hurry youngun?". He was also tough as nails, they all were. We doctored some nasty wounds that they didn't even seem to notice they had. But, I could go on the whole blog about why they were great.

About 6 years later my parents moved to the country and I along with them. Their new house has a great set up with a walk-out basement apartment. At long last I could have my coonhound! I wasted no time in finding the perfect one and bringing him home from Oklahoma. After many hours in the car singing show tunes from rogers and hammerstiens "Oklahoma" and finally getting my doggie son home, it was one of the happiest weekends i've had.

I named him Waylon, a name I had picked out 6 years ago. Perfect. He was a little bitty thing 7 weeks old, all ears and full of cuteness. I had big plans for him! First my walk/running partner, agility, then tracking, maybe a therapy dog, maybe even coonhunting with him. I was delusional...

Needless to say at 18 weeks none of the training I had planned has even started! He has so much energy, is ridiculously stubborn and trees everything!  Where is the "Slim" I had expected?

On a positive note, he is the sweetest puppy, and he does listen occasionally, sits on command, and knows "down". So far he hasn't gotten into too many shenanigans, but im sure he will prove to be a constant source of hilarity! His loud bellow is music to my ears (although for the first few weeks I slept with earplugs in) and my 10 year old beagle, Daisy, has gotten her spunk back.

He is still young and I will update you on the adventures of Waylon!



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  1. mrnobody123

    They truly are amazing. Just like little kids.

    November 10, 2013